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Our promise to you

At Amenity Direct Care, our first priority is you.


We understand that emergencies happen and that's why your primary care provider is available when you need them the most, whether it's a child with an earache, a scare over chest pains, or an urgent prescription refill before your vacation. You can rely on our unwavering support through all such situations.


We understand that you know your body better than anyone else, and while it is our responsibility to provide you with the best care possible, we promise to always value your opinion, feedback, preferences, and wishes.


Our responsibility is to provide comprehensive support in all matters related to your health and well-being, and we believe that there are multiple ways to achieve that. If you prefer to explore nutritional therapy before starting medication, we will help. If you wish to incorporate acupuncture into your treatment plan, we fully support you. And if you are unsure about the way forward and need a second opinion, we will connect you with additional clinicians and specialists. We are committed to working with any healthcare professionals you want on your team to ensure that you receive holistic care and create a personalized treatment plan that suits your unique needs.


We are committed to accommodating your lifestyle and preferences, and we strive to find alternative solutions to conventional treatments or adjust your treatment plan to fit your needs. We understand that healthcare can be expensive, and we will explore creative ways to ensure that you receive the care you require within your budget. If you prefer to continue seeing your existing physician when you join Amenity Direct Care, we have mechanisms in place to collaborate with them too.


We are always here for you, whether it's day or night, and we are dedicated to meeting your needs. At Amenity Direct Care, you are not just a patient, but a valued member of our family, and we will do everything possible to support you and ensure your well-being.

We are working on improving healthcare.

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Appointments available on the same day with no waiting time.

At Amenity Direct Care, our members get to spend as much time as they need with their clinician without any wait time, unlike the average experience where patients spend 40 minutes or more in waiting rooms only to get 7 minutes of face-to-face time with their clinician.

"I pursued a career in medicine with the goal of improving people's lives, not to work for an insurance company."

Michael Menchaca MS, FNP-C

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Meet your team of medical professionals

Angela Menchaca

Angela is an enthusiastic clinician who views her role in her patient’s life as an educator and coach. She thrives on making transformations in the household that impacts her patients across the spectrum of mind, body, and spiritual health. She loves peeling back the layers of the problem to find the root cause. Once accomplished, she builds her treatment plan to include and address each individualized patient concern. Angela is trained and experienced in treating patients across the lifespan from birth to advanced age. She is passionate about the longevity of health and improving the quality of life for all her patients. In her free time, Angela spends time with her husband, Michael, and their daughter, Mya.

Angela received her Bachelor of BioMedical Sciences and a Masters in Biology from Texas A&M University Kingsville, as well as her Masters' in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

She has five years of experience in family practice, internal medicine, and family practice. She is board certified through the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.



Michael Menchaca

Michael has over 10 years of healthcare experience and views his role as a guide and advocate, listening attentively to his patients’ health concerns and conveying information in a clear, approachable manner. He values preventive medicine and thrives on finding the root cause of his patient’s problems. He has experience in treating all ages and stages of life, and is especially interested in treating diabetes, high blood pressure, depression/anxiety, as well as counseling patients in health optimization and longevity. He stays fit and active with functional training, high intensity training, and keeping up with his daughter Mya.

Michael received his Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas Pan American and Master’s of Science in Nursing from Georgetown University. He is board certified in family practice through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.



Dr (4)_edited.png
I have been a patient of Amenity for almost 2 years now and they are the best! Mr. And Mrs. Menchaca have both helped me tremendously. They take their time with all clients and aren’t rushing. They provide excellent service and have a lot of knowledge. Nurse Campos is wonderful there at Amenity as well! I’m so glad i was referred to them!"
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Amenity Direct Care firmly believes that the Direct Primary Care model can resolve the healthcare crisis in America. Our locations in Weslaco and Harlingen are just the start, and we are committed to our mission to transform healthcare nationwide.

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