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Having one membership provides several benefits.

With a membership, your family can enjoy the convenience of having unrestricted and unlimited access to your clinician they know and trust for a fixed monthly fee. You can communicate with your clinician via text, phone calls, picture sharing, and video chats from any location.  When phone and video aren't enough, you can come into the office for a same or next-day appointment without any waiting time.

Membership Options Amenity Direct Care (3).png

*If the patient is located in the region, they will be eligible for discounted imaging services. However, if they are located outside the Rio Grande Valley, they will not have access to these discounts unless traveling RGV.

Amenity Direct Care membership can be delivered in two distinct ways.


Primary Membership

Direct Care

  • Unlimited Office and Virtual Visits

  • Unlimited Telehealth with Care by Phone, Video, Text, or Email

  • Dedicated Physician and Care Team

  • Free and Low-Cost In-office Procedures

  • Free Generic Prescription Medications

  • Free Urgent Care Medications

  • Free Lab Testing (up to 4 times per year*)

  • Significant Discounts on Labs with Pricing as Low as $2.50

  • Free Online Mental Health Program
    *health maintenance labs only


*Children 20 and under can be added for $20 per month

0 to 20

Virtual Membership

Virtual Wellness

  • Unlimited Virtual Visits

  • Dedicated Physician and Care Team

  • Free Generic Prescription Medications

  • Free Urgent Care Medications

  • Discounted Lab Testing

20 to 64

Disclaimer: There are inherent limitations associated with providing virtual care. Our providers will always do their best to provide treatments in a manner that is safe and effective for the patient. Note that every situation is unique, and it is always up to the professional judgement of the provider as to whether or not a specific treatment or prescription can be provided.



One: Choose your plan

You can visit your clinician in-person or text and video chat with them as often as you need to. You will also unlock reduced wholesale pricing for most lab work, radiology, and select prescription medications.

Two: Meet your clinician

Our first visit is 45 minutes long, so we can get to know you and create a comprehensive health and wellness plan that's right for you. This will allow us to address any concerns you may have, and develop a personalized treatment plan that will help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Three: Complete your assessment

Your membership includes a comprehensive health exam, free generic prescription drugs, and a biomaker lab screening to help you stay healthy and identify any potential health risks early on.

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